October 2007

Or just one.

And, it’s not really “good.”

Basically, I was tooling about the internet this afternoon and saw a few posts on random blogs about people having certain “themes” associated with certain days. I thought, “hm, interesting idea. I should do that! But what would my theme be?” And so it went and so I thought, “nah, I’ll never stick to it.”

3:30 come rollin’ around and I’m watching Jeopardy, and it comes to the horrendous part where the contestants tell their little “story.” When I was in college I labeled these the “I walked down the street and died” stories. They are always hideously boring and mind numbingly idiotic. Wow, you have a cockatiel that say’s pretty monkey!  Congratu-fucking-lations.

Wow, I guess I had a lot of pent-up anger about these Jeopardy stories!

Back to the point, I think in November I am going to theme one day, “Jeopardy Walk Down the Street and Die” stories, or “Hideously Boring Adventures in Nothingness” or maybe even just “Lame Jeopardy Story” Day! Nothing is better than telliing a really bad story when you’ve run out of interesting things to blog about!

So, who wants to join me?


When you live with a cop, as I do, you tend to have to get used to their paranoia.  Maybe not every cop is like this, but it makes sense to me as they see a lot of the shit this world has to offer.  Why wouldn’t they be paranoid?  I have my own things I am paranoid about (leaving the blinds open EVER–thanks for that one, Mom!), but locking the door is not one of them.  While I do lock my door, and it has become a habit, it is not something that I need to check more than once, unlike someone.  I have better things to think about, like making chocolate chip muffins or plugging in my computer.

You are probably thinking this has to do with locking the door–not so!  I did, in fact, lock my door last night.  I even checked on it before going to bed.  But, as I was pulling the covers up–I heard a knock at the door.  At first, I wasn’t even going to go out there because R. was out of town and I wasn’t going to deal with someone at 10pm.  But, something compelled me to go forth and see.  Such bravery!
A non-threatening woman was on the other side, and I thought maybe she was a neighbor ready to yell at me for… something?  Instead, she merely pointed to my lock and said, “your keys are in the door.”

“Oh, thanks.”

I pull the ice cold keys from their roost in the lock and close the door, realizing they have been in there for approximately SEVEN hours–because I get home at 3 and it is now 10.  That’s SEVEN hours in which someone could have a) taken my car (b) entered the apartment or (c) taken my keys just to fuck with me.

I am SO SO SO glad R. was not home–and that he will never know, because I believe I would be put under house arrest.

If you found this little anecdote boring, I just want to add– and then I found five dollars!  Cool, huh?

I have just cleaned my kitchen.  (And I didn’t even have to put clean in quotation marks because I REALLY cleaned–including cabinets, fridge, microwave, and floors!

One room down, five to go.

Baby steps, friends.

I have never been an overly “clean” person (room-wise, not hygiene-wise, I shower every day).  I would categorize my style as sometimes messy, always sloppy.  Not for lack of trying, nothing just ever seems to turn out nice.  I am a weird hybrid of perfectionist where I have a million wonderful ideas, but as I am working on them they never quite match what’s in my head, so I give up and move on to something that requires no effort towards perfection—like TV.

Since moving in with R, equal—if not superior—to my sloppy and messy ways, things have gotten out of hand.  Take for example, this study in contrasts:

Exhibit A:  Move-in Feb. 2007

Dining room.Kitchen/Dining Room

Exhibit B:  Today!


I want my apartment to be clean—desperately, and yet when I get home I sit on the couch and lay.  Because, after a long day of trying to teach 17 & 18 year olds direct and indirect objects, nothing is better than laying.

And so, the dishes pile up, the trash begins to smell, the bathtub has a nice pink ring around the drain, and everything is covered in a fine layer of dust.  That is until R. and I get so irritated at the mess that we yell at each other for being lazy, sloppy pigs.

Then, we “pick up” and do some very mild cleaning.  The apartment looks somewhat presentable and we are back to thinking each other quite groovy for the next few weeks.  And then, repeat!

I so badly want to get out of this dysfunctional and downright disgusting cycle, but yesterday I found myself lying on the couch clicking through a gazillion NaBloPoMo blogs while the chicken wrapper in the kitchen slowly gave off its unpleasant odor that, likely by the time I get home tonight, will have infested the whole apartment.

How do you get yourself motivated to clean?  Is it an ingrained habit?  Do you reward yourself?  What works?

1. Eat peas (EVER)

2. Spend more than $30 on any item of clothing. (I need to get over this one).

3. Wash/Vacuum my car.
4. Make the bed (ever!)

5. Floss

What are five things you don’t do?

I am building an ongoing list on ways to keep myself blogging every day in November.

*take picture of the shoes I wear everyday

*take picture of the lunch I pack/eat everyday

*join http://www.x365.org

*take this week to write down as many ideas as possible

*post portions of my portfolio (Only, I wouldn’t really do this to you, random reader)

*use material from my other blog, http://www.dailylunchpoems.blogspot.com

In 2001, I came across the idea of NaNoWriMo.  It was a Godsend.  I loved every minute of this craziness and for the first time in my life finished a novel.  I have participated every year since, though 2001 and 2002 were the only years I managed to finish.

I have concerns about joining this year.  Not only do I have a full time job and a class to worry about, I also have to finish my teaching portfolio by the 12th, and let’s just say I am already WAY behind.  I still haven’t made a decision one way or the other, because NaNoWriMo has been a part of my life for six years now, and it would be hard not to even attempt it.

But, while I’m making a decision on NaNo–I’ve decided to add even more to my plate and join NaBloPoMo, better known as National Blog Posting month in which you have to post every day in November.  I have never tried this before, but I am definitely looking forward to it.

Apparently, I have no intrinsic motivation whatsoever.

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