November 2007

This is it.  I have come through 30 days of posting.  Wow.  NaBloPoMo can be called a success (please don’t ask about NaNoWriMo or finding a place to get married).

Interestingly, NaBlo wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it would be.  Don’t get me wrong–it was hard, and there are definitely some posts that make the writer in me go *barf,* but in terms of just posting–I did it without much problem.  No late night “I forgot to posts” and no last minute scrambles to the computer.  Every weekday, I posted at lunch and every weekend I posted first thing in the morning.  The system worked out nicely which is a huge shock to me because my “systems” rarely turn out as they are supposed to.

And, since it worked out so well, I am hoping to continue it–in a manner of speaking.  I know there will be one day in December where I will be out of town without internet access.  I know that the week I have to grade 90 research papers might be a little light, but the goal is to sit down and write on here every day I am able.  The results may not always be pretty–but I am of the school of writing that if you don’t write some crap–you can’t get to the good stuff.

So, prepare for my crap and my good, peoples.  I’m on a roll and I’m here to stay.


I plum forgot about Jeopardy Story last week–probably because Thursday was Thanksgiving and all.  I think this might be a feature I continue past BloPo if I can muster up the boring lameness.

Alex:  Returning champ, with a whopping 22 dollars, Nicole!  Nicole, it says here you’re famous among children for a rather odd reason.

Me:  Well, not all children–just one child.  You see, this past summer we were in Chicago for a family member’s wedding and my Mom’s best friend met up with us the next day with her two daughters.  We were in Millennium Park, the kids feeding the pigeons, when one pooped in my hair!

Alex: Well-

Me:  I’m not done!  (sidenote: don’t you just love when Alex tries to move on but the contestant is intent on imparting their hillarity and just bulldoze right over him?).  In November, I got engaged.  When my Mom’s friend told her daughter, the daughter asked if that was the one who had a bird poop in her hair!

Alex:  Huh, interesting.  Moving on….

I would really love to go on Jeopardy and tell a poop story.  I think that would be AWESOME.  And then I would kick ass and win.

So, I promised a good post, right?  I SWORE.  But, there is this throbbing ache behind my left eye.  It makes me want to lay down and cry–not grade and teach.

But, I promised!  So, I come bearing food–not literally, because I have yet to figure out how to teleport food through the Internet.  But, I have a recipe!  It’s easy!  It’s tasty!  Perfect for a cold day!

It is called goulash–though I doubt you have ever had goulash quite like this.  I don’t know what goulash really is–but I doubt this is it.  Still, it’s a family recipe and for generations we have called it goulash.  (R. calls it spaghetti–it is NOT spaghetti).

Ready for it?

Ingredients:  1lb ground beef, 2-3 cans tomato sauce, 1 box elbow macaroni.  That’s it!

To do:  brown and drain beef while simultaneously making the macaroni.  Open up the cans of tomato sauce (quick tip: electric can openers!).  Put it all together, stir until contents of pot is warm.

And there you have goulash.  It is good on the spot or for leftovers.  I am eating some AS WE SPEAK!

That was a good post, right?  I imparted some wisdom, right?  RIGHT????

(Yes, I am losing it).

Have any odd family recipes to share?

*oil change

*fixing windshielf

*getting brakes looked at

*washing car

*registering for class next semester

*getting fingerprinted for certification

*calling places to have a wedding at




*Christmas shopping

*paying bills

*laundry (especially the folding/putting away part).


*eating better

*calling my mother

*putting up the outside lights

*writing a decent post

I swear–swear–swear my last three posts for NaBloPoMo will not suck this much.

(Does anyone else find Josh Grobin creepy?)

I almost forgot to post!  Lunch time during the week has been my determined posting time and with all that I am trying to accomplish, I almost forgot!

So here:  “post”

I am listening to “Say” over and over, because John Mayer is uber-wonderful. You should take a listen too:

(you have to scroll down to the entry titled “say” and click the little play button).

So, my determination yesterday was that today I need to write a GOOD post.  Let’s face it, I have been coasting (and not just on this blog).

And so, I have been sitting here trying to think what a “good” post would entail?  How about how I am feeling sad about how disconnected my extended family has become?  How about how I am so over this semester?  How about all the things I should be doing?  How about the fact that I keep procrastinating on things that NEED TO GET DONE NOW for my schooling.  How about how my apartment is a mess?  How about how I have no energy?  How about how I got to school this morning and someone had left the Air Conditioning on all Thanksgiving break and how it is about 50 degrees in here and 3 hours later I am starting to get some feeling in my leg?  How about how I’ve gained 8 pounds since I’ve started this job?  HOW ABOUT ALL THAT?

Probably not the meat of a “good” post, so I’ll spare you.  The men in my life tell me that poop is always funny, so here is a funny poop story:

R. and I met when we worked together at a state park.  My first or second week, he was in charge of showing me how to clean the fish tank.  This is not a hard job, just lengthy, so he spent a lot of time talking and telling stories.  Apparently he was trying to “chat me up” but I did not comprehend that at the time.  So, while R. was in high school there was a student who would go to the bathroom and write “poop” on the walls… with poop.  Because it was often random and went on for a while and was around the time of the unibomber, he got the nickname: The UniPooper.

I think I fell for R. right then and there.  The Unipooper?  That’s hillarious!

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