I think I am going a little overboard with these themes, and likely won’t stick to them, but it does keep me with a few backup ideas should I be blocked and I was a bit blocked today and feeling generally lousy. So, Friday in my World is share your crazy neighbor noises stories day. I’m not sure all the plurals are right in that sentence, but I don’t care–this day sucks already.

2002-2003 Kirksville, Mo

My junior year of college, me and three other girls lived in a house converted to a downstairs and upstairs apartment. This house sat directly on Highway 63 that led directly through town, should you be desiring to go to North to Iowa or South to Columbia. At night, the semis would roll by and shake the windows. We four girls lived in the downstairs apartment. Lucky us.

We had a group of boys living above us. Boys who really liked their bass on the stereo. That steady “thump, thump, thump,” that makes me want to tear my ears off my head wasnot condusive to sleep, studying, or TV watching.

They were also boys who seemingly liked to wrestle with each other judging by the bumps and thuds that came from the ceiling. Really, I can think of no other possible explanation. And I guess it isn’t abnormal for twenty year old boys to wrestle in their apartment? We created a rich fantasy back story though that they held Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments.

More disturbingly, they were boys who liked to moan in the shower while we were in the shower directly below. They also liked to blare their porn so loud we could hear it downstairs.

It was a constant barrage of thuds, booms, rustling, and moaning. It really is a wonder we got anything done that year.

NaNoWriMo Update:  I already hate my story and that is bad, but I did pound out some words today and that is good.  I’m at 4,114 words, which is right about where I should be at if I can keep up writing about 1700 words a day.