Today is my Dad’s birthday and we’re going to Happy Joe’s to celebrate.  If you do not know what Happy Joe’s is and you’ve never had taco pizza, you should immediately rectify this situation.  Taco pizza, though sounding a little odd, is the BEST pizza in the world–and this is coming from someone who only likes cheese or pepperoni otherwise.

Anyway, my Dad is awesome.  You cannot stump the man on any sports trivia from circa 1955-present.  I am not even joking–he knows things about hockey and soccer–two sports he hates and refuses to believe are sports–as if he were a fan.  (In his mind, sports must be played with hands and balls–wow, that sounds dirty).

My Dad also has a man-crush on Jack Bauer and for the 4-5 months 24 is on air, he eats, breathes, and dreams it–watching each weekly episode AT LEAST twice, DVR-ing it, making it into a CD, and then still buying the seasons when they come out on DVD.  For more than a year he had the ringtones that the people on the show have as his own ringtone.

My Dad is also obsessed with cell phones.  If my Mom wouldn’t divorce him or his company would pay for it, he would have had an Iphone by now.  When R.’s phone broke and Sprint just asked if they could switch his phone out and R. said okay without looking at the phone, I thought my Dad would have a heart-attack.  “But he didn’t want to see the features?  What if it didn’t have something he wanted?” my Dad sputtered in dismay.  Trying to explain that R. wanted no feature other than to CALL people left my Dad in a tizzy, practically rocking back and forth muttering “features” over and over again.

I got my love of baseball from him, my low tolerance for stupidity, my eyes, and my teeth.  Even though he traveled weekly through most of my growing up, I always felt like he was there.  He makes a mean spaghetti and is always up for stopping at QT to get some treats.  I know I am so lucky to have such a great Dad–especially when I was a bit of an accident and my parents married a bit young.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

NaNoWriMo Update:  Still at 4,114, but hopefully will have some time tonight to magically write more words, organize my newly cleaned apartment, and work on my teaching portfolio that’s due date is rapidly approaching