So, I got quite a few questions from students about my ring yesterday.  In one class they demanded to know how and where!  To which I returned, “I am sorry, but it creeps me out to talk to you guys about this.”

I have a few students that I’m really quite fond of, but I am really wary about making those “personal” connections to my life.  I’ve been taught not to, and honestly very few of my own teachers discussed their lives in depth.  (I did have a philosophy professor who told us about her free love days in the ’60s and that was WAY too much info).

The thing I was amazed about it, I can say something 10 times a class period, I can write homework in huge letters on the board and READ IT TO THEM, and they proclaim that they never saw it.  And yet, they manage to observe my ring.  They are not fooling me any longer!

Anyway, later to day I’ll post my lame Jeopardy story Thursday post.  I watched Jeopardy yesterday and they had some DOOZIES!

P.S  (I promise not EVERY post from here on out will be about engagement or marriage!)

NaNoWriMo Update:  I wrote about a paragraph last night bringing my total up to 10,207.  It’s amazing how it happens the same way every year–the first week I keep my word counts, then everything goes downhill from there.  Although, I did find this week’s pep talk rather helpful because it talked about writing ten words when you’re stuck.  Because, sometimes it will lead you to something else and sometimes it won’t, but at least you’re still writing and the novel is still on your mind and if you just don’t write one day it’s a lot easier not to write the second day.  It helped me last night, I was going to forget about it after spending the hours of 3-7 on the phone, but instead I put ten words + a few and still feel a bit hopeful about the process.