(You get the picture!  Now, it’s time to join in the fun!)

Alex:  And now to Nicole, our two-time champion.  It says here that you have unique themes for vacation

Nicole:  Yes, Alex.  My best friend and I like to base our vacations together on history.

Alex:  How unique!  What is the strangest place you have ever been.

Nicole:  We made a quick detour to Mount Olive, Illinois where Mother Jones was buried.  She was a strong force in the union movements in the late 1800s.

Alex:  Hmm, interesting tidbit.  I’ve never heard of her.

Nicole:  That’s because you’re a douchebag, Alex.

Alex:  Too true, now back to the board!

(I have fantasies of going on Jeopardy and calling Alex on his pompousness.  I think that is why I enjoy the Will Ferrel as Alex/Daryl Hammond as Sean Connery sketch from SNL so, so, very much.  The Rapists for $200!