Today is Sister 1’s (I have 2 sisters, both younger, but sister 1 is the older of the two) birthday.  We have a lot of November celebrations in my family (Dad’s birthday, Parent’s Anniversary, Sister’s Birthday, Thanksgiving).  So, it is like a 9-day long cake fest–which is awesome.  Except sister is off in Baltimore trying to save our education system before she goes to med school to save people’s lives.  She is a freak and it has meant much less cake.  Luckily, I made Brownies on Saturday and I will be having a Brownie Sundae in her honor.

Also today, and much more exciting (sorry s1), my portfolio is due.  Which means, I AM DONE WITH MY PORTFOLIO!!!  Which also means, only one class left and some fingerprinting and some time-sheet-turning-in and some processing and then I am a certified teacher.  Woo.   I feel oddly not-relieved, as if perhaps I am in shock that this behemoth is finally complete.

And, finally, NaNoWriMo Update:  Last night I couldn’t sleep.  I was missing my Grandma T. and wallowing in all that sadness.  I got tired of tearing and sniffling so I got up, marched over to my computer, and decided that if I pound out 2,000 words a day I can still make NaNo–and with no portfolio in my way, I can DO that if I keep at it.  So, I didn’t not pound out 2,000 words, but I got really close and I feel a bit reinvigorated about the process (though the content is going even further downhill than I thought possible).  I’m at a respectable 11,651. 18 more days and roughly 39,000 more words.  I just have to keep reminding myself that I CAN DO THIS!