Edited to note:  I forgot today was Thursday (it’s really not Friday, are you SURE?).  Lame Jeopardy Story will follow later today.

My second class of the day ends at 10:15 and I don’t have another until a little before noon every day. At 10:15 I am mostly ravenously hungry and want to devour my lunch. But, I make myself wait until 11–because it’s not lunch if you eat it before 11 and also because I am super powerful. Oh, yeah.

I hereby call upon all teachers to go watch THIS if they have not yet already. Today I wrote on the board “How dare you waste my time with less than your best.” AMEN.

NaNoWriMo Update: Currently 15,000 words + behind. I am having delusions that the part of my 5-day Thanksgiving weekend that falls in November will be spent curled on my couch, pounding furiously on the keys, and making a miraculous finish around 11:59 Friday night. Ignoring the fact that Thursday will be spent at my parents and Friday or Saturday will probably be blown wedding dress shopping while my sister is in town–so really Wednesday is my only hope for 38,000 words. Woo delusions.