The fame of Lame Jeopardy Story Thursday is just taking off like wildfire… or…not.  Onto #3:

Alex:  Our three-time champion, Nicole, is here with us again.  It seems that you were a bit of a pervy Halloween joke teller back in the day.

Nicole:  Yes, I was, Alex.  It was the last year I went trick-or-treating and I gave my mother and neighbor quite a shock.

Alex:  Why?

Nicole: Well, I was a very shy kid and just liked people to hand me my candy, I would say thanks, and mosey to the next place, but some people are intent on talking or in this case saying we could not have candy until someone told a joke!

Alex: And what joke did you tell that had everyone so flustered?

Nicole:  What do you call a ghost that can’t have children?

Alex: Hmmm.

Nicole:  A Hollow-weenie *unable to control laughter*

Alex: *with a frown* I see.  Moving on.