Last class I assigned “A Modest Proposal,” and told them it wasn’t due until next week.  However, I had a student come in and say,

“I read that assignment.  You’re sick.”

I laughed, because I remember reading it as an 11th grader and thinking the same thing.  What a psycho!  Why are we reading this?  My teacher is a nut and this class is worthless.

There are some things I still sit and wonder why I read them, why they are classics, why would people be so horrible as to make other people read such horror (coughJAMESJOYCEcough).  But, there are things I have grown to see as being important.  I still think Billy Bud was a waste of time, but I have come to appreciate Heart of Darkness.  I’m still not an Orwell fan, but I have to say this Swift piece that I hated so much is actually a good teaching tool.  So many of my students have things fly over their heads because they read so superficially–I want to show them the danger in that.  If you don’t read it deeply with your brain, you might just think that he really is proposing eating babies.

And, I have a feeling on Monday when we discuss it, there will be some major outrage that a man should propose eating babies.

Hey, and did you know we’re half way through this thing?  Only 14 more posts to go?  Why, that almost seems manageable!