So, I can’t wait until Wednesday. I know most people are either eagerly awaiting or dreading Thursday, but my excitement day is Wednesday. I love Thanksgiving–love, love, love. Last year we were in Hawaii on a boat on Thanksgiving, and while I cant’ complain AT ALL, I just miss having a Thanksgiving meal, hanging out with my family–immediate or extended. So, I am excited for Thursday too. But Wednesday… it is going to be my dream day.

So, Wednesday–I do not have to work. Everyone I know in the area has to work–but not me. So, what this means is a day ALL to myself. No where to go, no one to hang out with, just me-me-me.

So, I am planning on having a cozy little day–waking up whenever, cleaning the apartment, getting out Christmas decorations (yay!!!!!), baking desert and possibly rolls for Thanksgiving (more yayayay!!!), and watching daytime television (As the World Turns and Guiding Light here I come!). I am NOT grading, planning, driving and possibly not even showering, if I can help it. I will TRY not to think about wedding planning. I may even have time to READ FOR PLEASURE. Sweet baby Jesus, I hope so.

So, as my students file in and out, I am grinning ear to ear thinking…Wednesday…Wednesday…Wednesday.