There is a long list of things I say/did/believe that, when I announce verbally, my family/friends instantly roll their eyes, give me a placating “uhuh,” or in my Mom’s case, diagnose me for the mental institution.  A small sample of these things are:

1.  I saw Bob Costas at the movies.  I can’t remember which theater, but I feel like it was the Des Peres movie theater.  But, the dude is short and has quite a coif and I believe resides (or resided) in the St. Louis area, yet everyone in my family things I am crazy and did not actually see him picking up his kids at the theater.  R. doesn’t believe me either, even though when I told him this he said, “Who’s that?”

2.  Sprees changed their red flavor.   The reaction I get with this one is a mix of disbelief AND who cares, but I care–deeply!  Once one of my favorite candies, Sprees sometime in the late 90s/early 2000s when they decided to change lime to sour apple or whatever puke flavor green now is–also changed their red.  I don’t know what flavor it was or what it’s supposed to be, but it is different and not in a good way.  (And, to answer your question, no, sprees do not all taste the same!)

3.  My apartment isn’t that dirty.

4. Cutting my hair myself has the same outcome as paying someone else $25 to do it.

5.  I have not dyed my hair since college.  (This one is for my Mom, who is always asking me or one of my sisters if we dyed our hair–usually we have not).

6.  Monkeys dressed up as humans are funny.  I am sorry, it’s cruel–but it’s funny.

7.  Early Edition was an AWESOME show and basically Kyle Chandler is amazing.

8. Cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast.  (This one is for R. who wholeheartedly disagrees).

9.  Reading is good.

10.  I am NOT CRANKY!  (Yet, someone telling me I am inevitably makes me so… but I wasn’t to begin with!!!)

Hey, only 10 posts to go!