I know it’s corny and overdone to post what you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving.  It is just a holiday after all.  But, I am the type that is a sucker for a good holiday–in that I always try to remember the goodness that is at it’s core.  Whether it’s overshadowed by commercialism or family stress, I do think there is a goodness that sits behind each holiday–and, being the corny person that I am, I like to celebrate it.

So, in the spirit of being thankful on this Thanksgiving, I will indeed share what I am thankful for.  Because it is easy to get wrapped up in all the things I am NOT thankful for.  It is easy to get wrapped up in complaining and disappointment.  It’s not as easy to sit and remember all those good things.

I am thankful for…

-My family.  Cliche!  Yes, but a cliche for a reason.  I know a few people who, wants they parted ways with their family at college, basically never went back.  When they are in trouble, when they need help, it is not their family they turn to.  This makes me so incredibly sad for those people, because I cannot imagine not being able to go to my family.  I cannot imagine being in trouble or needing help and not knowing that no matter what happens I can go home and feel safe and right.

-R.  Cliche, again!  It wasn’t all that long ago that I was beginning to think I would never even have a date let alone a relationship.  I thought, for a wide variety of reasons, that no man would ever–could ever–be interested in me.  I was too quiet, too heavy, too weird…and so on so forth.  Through high school and college, I felt this way.  Amazingly, I begin to work on myself and who I was and figure out what I wanted, and R. came along.  He is almost everything I dreamed about having in a future spouse (I say almost because I was not counting on the love of hockey or exercise or peas).  He is the man I want to marry and have a family with, and that is most definitely something to be thankful for.

-My job.  I complain about my job–my job makes me angry, but I really should just sit back and be thankful.  This job just fell into my lap in August and so many things would be different if I didn’t have it.  First, I would have NO MONEY because I would be student teaching–not student teaching in my own classroom and getting paid.  Second, I would be a million times more stressed out because I do not do well with evaluation and my cooperating teachers, I would have felt, would always be evaluating.  R. would be ten times more stressed out from the not having money thing and I really have to doubt we’d be engaged because of that lack of money.  We’d probably barely be able to make rent.  So, I am thankful for all that job has brought me and exactly at the perfect time.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope you have equally cliched things to be thankful for.