So, my determination yesterday was that today I need to write a GOOD post.  Let’s face it, I have been coasting (and not just on this blog).

And so, I have been sitting here trying to think what a “good” post would entail?  How about how I am feeling sad about how disconnected my extended family has become?  How about how I am so over this semester?  How about all the things I should be doing?  How about the fact that I keep procrastinating on things that NEED TO GET DONE NOW for my schooling.  How about how my apartment is a mess?  How about how I have no energy?  How about how I got to school this morning and someone had left the Air Conditioning on all Thanksgiving break and how it is about 50 degrees in here and 3 hours later I am starting to get some feeling in my leg?  How about how I’ve gained 8 pounds since I’ve started this job?  HOW ABOUT ALL THAT?

Probably not the meat of a “good” post, so I’ll spare you.  The men in my life tell me that poop is always funny, so here is a funny poop story:

R. and I met when we worked together at a state park.  My first or second week, he was in charge of showing me how to clean the fish tank.  This is not a hard job, just lengthy, so he spent a lot of time talking and telling stories.  Apparently he was trying to “chat me up” but I did not comprehend that at the time.  So, while R. was in high school there was a student who would go to the bathroom and write “poop” on the walls… with poop.  Because it was often random and went on for a while and was around the time of the unibomber, he got the nickname: The UniPooper.

I think I fell for R. right then and there.  The Unipooper?  That’s hillarious!