So, I promised a good post, right?  I SWORE.  But, there is this throbbing ache behind my left eye.  It makes me want to lay down and cry–not grade and teach.

But, I promised!  So, I come bearing food–not literally, because I have yet to figure out how to teleport food through the Internet.  But, I have a recipe!  It’s easy!  It’s tasty!  Perfect for a cold day!

It is called goulash–though I doubt you have ever had goulash quite like this.  I don’t know what goulash really is–but I doubt this is it.  Still, it’s a family recipe and for generations we have called it goulash.  (R. calls it spaghetti–it is NOT spaghetti).

Ready for it?

Ingredients:  1lb ground beef, 2-3 cans tomato sauce, 1 box elbow macaroni.  That’s it!

To do:  brown and drain beef while simultaneously making the macaroni.  Open up the cans of tomato sauce (quick tip: electric can openers!).  Put it all together, stir until contents of pot is warm.

And there you have goulash.  It is good on the spot or for leftovers.  I am eating some AS WE SPEAK!

That was a good post, right?  I imparted some wisdom, right?  RIGHT????

(Yes, I am losing it).

Have any odd family recipes to share?