I plum forgot about Jeopardy Story last week–probably because Thursday was Thanksgiving and all.  I think this might be a feature I continue past BloPo if I can muster up the boring lameness.

Alex:  Returning champ, with a whopping 22 dollars, Nicole!  Nicole, it says here you’re famous among children for a rather odd reason.

Me:  Well, not all children–just one child.  You see, this past summer we were in Chicago for a family member’s wedding and my Mom’s best friend met up with us the next day with her two daughters.  We were in Millennium Park, the kids feeding the pigeons, when one pooped in my hair!

Alex: Well-

Me:  I’m not done!  (sidenote: don’t you just love when Alex tries to move on but the contestant is intent on imparting their hillarity and just bulldoze right over him?).  In November, I got engaged.  When my Mom’s friend told her daughter, the daughter asked if that was the one who had a bird poop in her hair!

Alex:  Huh, interesting.  Moving on….

I would really love to go on Jeopardy and tell a poop story.  I think that would be AWESOME.  And then I would kick ass and win.