This is it.  I have come through 30 days of posting.  Wow.  NaBloPoMo can be called a success (please don’t ask about NaNoWriMo or finding a place to get married).

Interestingly, NaBlo wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it would be.  Don’t get me wrong–it was hard, and there are definitely some posts that make the writer in me go *barf,* but in terms of just posting–I did it without much problem.  No late night “I forgot to posts” and no last minute scrambles to the computer.  Every weekday, I posted at lunch and every weekend I posted first thing in the morning.  The system worked out nicely which is a huge shock to me because my “systems” rarely turn out as they are supposed to.

And, since it worked out so well, I am hoping to continue it–in a manner of speaking.  I know there will be one day in December where I will be out of town without internet access.  I know that the week I have to grade 90 research papers might be a little light, but the goal is to sit down and write on here every day I am able.  The results may not always be pretty–but I am of the school of writing that if you don’t write some crap–you can’t get to the good stuff.

So, prepare for my crap and my good, peoples.  I’m on a roll and I’m here to stay.