So, I was looking for my Mom’s Christmas gift on I want to get her this thing I saw on tv–it looks like giant scissors kind of, but is a saw type deal. So, on I am under tools. Then there is a tab “Great Tools For Women.” I figured this would mean things that have smaller handles, maybe aren’t quite as heavy. But, no, let’s go through tools perfect for women:

Firstly, a collection of roadside toolkits–in PINK! Because it’s not a women’s tool unless it’s pink! There’s also a 7 piece pink gardening set. A “Heavy Duty” glue gun, for all those tough female projects. A screwdriver set in AQUA!!! Mini pliers (Women can’t handle the full-sized version), a floral set, a holiday decorator kit, more glue guns, and an AQUA Do it Yourself tote!

Are you serious? Honest to God? Your website needs a PERFECT TOOLS FOR WOMEN section that basically pats women on the head and tells them to go glue some flowers together with some mini pink pliers? Couldn’t we just LEAVE THAT OUT.  Or maybe even the playing field with some PERFECT TOOLS FOR MEN. Everything will be blue and big and bulky and MANLY.

And can I point out that I can handle a screwdriver/hammer/plier/etc. better than R. can. Ditto for my Mom (a floral designer who does not own pink tools) being better with tools than my Dad (but don’t tell him that).