So, I feel like the name of this blog is no longer accurate.  Those “brushes” from a few months ago have turned into full-body contact wrestling matches.  Ultimate Fighting Adulthood–no rules!  No holds barred!  THE UFA–it sucks.  HARD.

Trying to plan a wedding is probably the most adult thing I have ever had to do–and I HATE IT–It is sucking the life out of me.  Courthouse–here I come.  Secondly, we got pre-approved for a mortgage yesterday and are looking at the houses we like this weekend and probably coming to a conclusion (and probably buying /building a house) in the next two-three weeks.

Full-time career job?  Check!

Soon-to-be spouse and new last name?  Check!

A house with mortgage?  Check!

I still don’t have the matching kitchenware–but hey, that’s what a registry is for.

Help!  It wasn’t supposed to all happen in one month!