This weekend was quite the weekend of hectic-ness.  We did, indeed, start the ball rolling towards our house.  This was a trying, stressful, roller coaster of a decision.  But, there’s money down and a signed contract and a pre-construction meeting next week and then ground will break and house will go up.  I am super excited, but also not–mainly because it doesn’t feel real.  After all, we’ll be lucky if it’s done by the end of March.

On the wedding side of things, a ball started rolling.  This ball is going to roll right over my mother’s ball of opposition.  I decided to take a stand–to do what R. and I want.  Not a popular decision, and her guilt and silence might begin to waiver my resistance, but we’re trying anyway.

Today I had a snow day (or an ice day more technically)!  I was excited, though the toll this might take on my students, some of who more than likely do not have power and even those they do will try to weasel something out of this –because Lord knows what kind of excuses they will come up with on Wednesday.  I’m sure they’ll be incredibly creative and I will be left grading 90 papers in 2 days, rather than the whole 4 I had going.    Still, on my ice day I managed time to work out, start my Christmas cards, and hopefully tonight I’ll be a grade recording, apartment cleaning machine.

It is hard to believe this is all happening.  The pieces are slowly and painfully smashing their way into place.  I am excited and happy and scared to death.  Can I hide away for a few months?  Especially from decisions like what color the house should be or what kind of light fixture–decisions I dread because I have no stylistic eye what-so-ever.  Decisions like to I upset my parents to get the wedding I want ( a wedding that will cost way way less than the one they want)?

It’ll be a stomach-in-knots more often than not type ride, but I guess this is that passage into adulthood, huh?  I think I need to bake some cookies to ease the pain.