So, if you watch the news at all you know that Ice! is everywhere in the midwest.  We have been very fortunate that, although we got a lot of ice, no power was lost and the roads were never really slick out our way.  My students, living in the county north of mine, have not fared so well and I have been home the past two days enjoying the unplanned break.

I have gotten some accomplished (like picking out the colors of the new house–SCARY–I am really bad at colors).  But, I am not that excited that we missed today because a final was planned and a final paper is due tomorrow and Wednesday and I am sure  some students will have the no-electricity excuse which I would understand except I only have four days to grade these papers.  Yikes!  God Held Me if we have another snow day tomorrow.

Also got a tentative wedding date and place accomplished and should have that firmed up by this weekend.  Maybe then I can start thinking about Christmas!