One of my favorite Christmas traditions is sitting around Christmas Eve night and watching It’s a Wonderful Life.  My sister’s are less appreciative of this tradition, but It’s a Wonderful Life is probably my favorite movie of all time–let alone favorite Christmas movie.

Even though it’s a favorite, I prefer to watch it just once a year with my family.  Why?  We have our own special brand of jokes and commentary that come from watching a movie once every year.  There’s my Dad’s impressions of Mrs. Hatch,  Martini, Nick, Mr. Gower and so on.  My Mom yelling at Harry for being the golden-child bastard that he is, my Dad wanting to punch Uncle Billy, and my Mom wanting to punch Sam Wainright and his “hee-haw.” And the repetition of favorite lines over and over.  “Why’d we have to have all these kids anyway?” “I’ve been saving up this money for a dee-vorce in case I ever get a husband.”  “Sentimental hogwash.”  And many, many others.

Merry Christmas!  Hope you and yours are engaging in some fun, perhaps not totally good-hearted, traditions.