It’s Thursday! It’s also the first day of second semester! I am also having many things go wrong and I am freezing my patoot off! To celebrate, let’s have a lame jeopardy story, shall we?

Alex: Nicole has returned for our tournament of champions. It says here you are quite the author.

Nicole: Yes, Alex. My short stories have one me a couple of contests.

Alex: Really? What contests?

Nicole: I pulled a 2nd place ribbon in Illinois’ Young Author Contest in the short story competition with my Easter-themed story entitled, “The Magic Egg,” where a young girl gets a magic egg in her Easter basket that allows her to talk to animals. I also have one merit for my poetry.

Alex: Wonderful, let’s get on–

Nicole: My poem, “I like ice,” won third place the very same year. I can be quite prolific.

Alex: I see. On with the game!