Instead of working out like I should be doing, or cleaning, or even recording grades, I have been glued to the computer trying to do things to my blog that I’ve been meaning to do since the beginning:

1) Update my blogroll with all the lovelies I now read thanks to NaBloPoMo. Check! If there’s any unfamiliar titles, you should definitely check these peoples out.

2) Put my Lulu badge on the sidebar. Not a check because I can’t figure out how to put HTML badges or anything in my darn sidebar in WordPress. Grr. So, you want to check out my self-published novels at lulu go here:

3) Much along the same lines, tried to put my Associated Content badge up. I love Associated Content. Any time I get a good idea for an article I can make a couple bucks, then reap in more bucks each month as people view the article. If you’re so inclined you can read my articles here:

If you’re a writer at heart you should check it out and then sign up using my referral link:

And if I can ever figure out wordpress those will be permanent badges in my sidebar.