In an effort to continue to make myself crazy, add exercise and healthy eating to the list!  Part of this has to do with looking awesome in my wedding dress, but a bigger part is getting healthy.

I eat okay.  I am picky so a lot of really fattening stuff I don’t even like (mayo, cheeseburgers, pie).  Of course candy, pop, and brownies are my weakness, but I usually don’t super overdo it very often.  But, I am almost completely sedentary.  I love to hike or play a sport–but it’s COLD OUTSIDE.  (And when it’s warm?  Oh, I’ve got too much to do).  Basically, these extra pounds boil down to laziness and frozen pizzas for lunch.

So, I’ve been trying to exercise every day because–woah–I am way more out of shape than I thought.  I have had this going since Saturday.  If I make it to this Saturday it will be a miracle.  Exercise is one of those weird things that I enjoy doing, but am easily bored with and it quickly goes by the wayside.

Thus, paired with the exercise, is Operation Eat Healthy.  It’s been going on one day and already I am dying for a brownie.  Or a chocolate cookie.  Or cupcakes.  Or…well, you get the idea.  The minute I even begin to think about eating better visions of baked goods dance through my head.  I am trying not to give into them.  Hence, my lunch today:

Chicken Burger (with whole wheat bun), Diet Cherry Coke, carrots, grapes, mini pack of pretzels (leftover from Halloween), and a small package of mini MnMs (also left over from Halloween).    FYI: A chicken burger does not satisfy the way a beef one does.  But the whole wheat bun is tasty.

Tonight’s Meal: Breakfast for dinner: Egg White Omelets (with red peppers for me, peppers & onions for R), and whole wheat English muffins with a side of fresh pineapple.