R. and I are not the most intellectual people in the world.  I think I was at one time, but then I started teaching teenagers and all that intellect hit the road for a more worthy vessel.  Yet, our original, deep conversations are so one of the reasons I am marrying this man.

R: Funeral home people are creepy.

Me: I know, I still vividly remember the funeral home guy at my Grandma’s visitation.

R: Yah, this guy had like a bald head and then the long hair in the back.  He was creepy.

Me:  Yah, I know… they’re just so… creepy.  They’re nice and all, but.

R: They’re a way-too-creepy nice.

Me: Exactly.

I can’t wait to see how smart our kids are going to be!

Operation Healthy Front:

I did not work out yesterday.  The bed was far more inviting.  But, I ate relatively well.  Spaghetti for dinner.  Then I convinced R. that I should make Rice Krispy treats because cereal and marshmellows have very little fat or calories.  And then he saw me sneaking the butter in and he wasn’t happy… and then we ate 1/2 the pan.  But, hey, it’s better than the brownies I REALLY wanted.

Lunch Today:

Turkey on a whole wheat bun, a few SMALL slices of cheese, carrots, a zesty dill pickle, Diet Chery Coke and the Rice Krispy treat!  I had grapes as well, but was hungry around 10 and gobbled them up for a mid-morning snack.  Today I promise to work out!