You know those bosses who don’t do anything and then micromanage everything you do?  Had one of those once.

You know those bosses who leave you totally hanging and expect you to handle things way beyond what you’re supposed to or know how to?  Had one of those once.

You know those bosses who pawn off responsibilities on someone else, always saying it isn’t their fault if certain things are the way they are?   And push of anything they can on their employees rather than do it themselves all the while somehow acting as if they’re doing you a favor by making you do their grunt work?  And they’re always pretending like they know what they’re talking about, but soon you realize they don’t have a clue and haven’t even asked about it.  Yeah, I’m really enjoying that right now.

In my irritation, I downed my lunch without picture or rumination.  I say screw Operation Healthy I want a damn pizza and a brownie sundae.  I don’t want to work out.  I want to go home and relax and instead I am doing errands.  Grr.