Boring Thing (a):  I went on over to my Associated Content profile and learned that I was awarded a top 1,000 Content Producer Badge for 2007.  It was a shock, because although 1,000 is a lot, it seemed like there were a lot more prolific people on this site.  Maybe it was my Chocolate Cake Recipe or my my keen analysis of Keats poetry.  Which holds more popularity?  Chocolate Cake or Keats?

Boring Thing (b): I kind of think the apocalypse is coming.   Friday we had 5 inches of snow and no school.  Yesterday, it was 75 degrees and I went hiking without a coat.  Today is supposed to drop temps rapidly while we’re pelted with thunderstorms.  I think I have heard thunder more this January/February than I did all last summer/spring.  You want some bipolar weather, come to Missouri.