I am kind of scared of how excited I just got when I found out there would be a new season of America’s Next Top Model starting next week.

Also, I have had huge amounts of search terms bringing people to my site about what the only state with a diacritical mark is. I hope they are not offended by my RIDICULE.

Lastly, Happy Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day–not because I am a consumerist whore–but because I love holidays in general and I am a sap for love (yes, I should have used commas instead of dashes). I have been in love with love since I can remember. I read and write romance novels, for heaven’s sake. And, even though I did not have a boyfriend of any kind until I was much older than I care to admit, I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day, because, for me, it is not just about romantic love–but love in general. It’s also about heart shaped candy and YUM. So, regardless of what kind of love you are celebrating today, smile–because love does make the world go ’round! And so does chocolate.