It’s the little things that are driving me bonkers lately.  Little itty bitty annoyances that I used to be able to ignore and said ha-ha, I do not care about you.  And now, they’re festering causing lack of sleep and grumpiness and even more irritation with even more little things:

-R biting his fingernails–CONSTANTLY.

-The snow day I was promised by Mr. Scott Connel, Mr. John Fuller, and Ms. Cindy Preszler–LIARS.  I am the only school in a 100 mile radius with no snow, no ice and thus, no snow day.  All that staying up and not getting ready or showering for NOTHING.

-The 9 invitations still staring at me because SOMEONE WILL NOT COLLECT ADDRESSES!

-It is COLD.

-I can’t write.

-Texting in Class

-Talking in Class

-Not bringing materials to class

-Choosing to fail in class

-People who drive too fast

-People who drive to slow

-The people who are building my house, or should I say NOT building my house because NOTHING is getting done.

– Teenagers

-People with snow days

-Spring break is still too far away

-Dishes that keep getting dirty

-Laundry I am supposed to fold

-The fact that the only food that sounds remotely good is pizza, and my body is now revolting

-This constant TIREDNESS because I CAN’T SLEEP!

-Sucky friends


-Lack of respect

-Obsessing over nothing

-Hearing about mortgage rates


-Crappy Whiteboards that don’t erase

-People coughing

I really need a break, and a nap, and a magic fast-forward button.