If you have wordpress, you know that there is a stat counter with a “best day ever” mark that notes the day and amount of your most blog views.  Already by 7am, today was my “best day ever.”  Why?

Apparently, people really like gazelles.

Months ago, I wrote a post about a guy on Jeopardy who talked about his gazelle-loving girlfriend and traipsing around New York with a life sized stuffed gazelle and how I thought was a LAME story.  Then, yesterday someone posted a picture of a girl with a life sized stuffed gazelle, apparently on a NYC street as a comment to that post.  Since then, this old post has gotten over 40 views (to some of you this may not seem  lot, but this blog averages 10 views a day).

If I knew anything about gazelles I would write a blog devoted to them, because apparently they have a large following.