In exactly 22 minutes, I will be released! I don’t think even my students are as excited as I am for this 10 day respite.


And, since I know you’re all DYING to know what I’ll be doing with my 10 days (besides taking pictures of myself jumping on the bed), here’s a sneak peek!

1) I have vowed to stay up as late as I want and sleep as late as I want and damn the consequences! Usually I am afraid to get off a normal sleeping schedule because I do have trouble sleeping, but I say screw it!

2) Work on the 3 chapters of my thesis that are due the first week of May that I should have been working on the past two months. Unfortunately, this school work takes precedence because April isn’t going to be a month of time for me to do such things.

3) Grade, organize, plan so that I have to do as little as possible in those departments upon my return. Starting Easter weekend, my life is going to go crazy–wedding stuff, wedding, moving into house–all things that require a lot of time. So, I need to get as much work done so that April I can focus on my life and have the teaching part be all taken care of.

4) Clean “The Closet.” I’ll explain this later–and document it with photos. Sheer words can not explain what I will be tackling.

5) State taxes. Need to do these.

6) Clean the entire apartment, getting rid of excess crap we don’t need when we move into the house.

7) Some wedding odds and ends (Flower girl dresses, shoes for me and bridesmaids, addressing things)

Not exactly the most fun list (especially in comparison to my family who is off to gallivant around California), but I think I am in the state of mind where I just need to have some time for me, going at my own pace. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and I can also go out exploring/experimenting with the new camera as well.