This evening, I introduce you to my Mt. Everest of the spring break:


This is the large walk in closet–a major selling point of our 1 bed/1bath apartment. Selling point unless you are like me and R. –pack rats who cannot clean to save our lives–therefore all crap gets shoved into the huge closet. I should be ashamed of this picture, but really… I am a girl who found a moldy bologna sandwich at the bottom of her locker at the end of my 9th grade year. I’m disgusting–I don’t know what to do about it. I just hope there’s no bologna sandwiches in the closet.

Since we are moving in less than a month, my big spring beak project is to clean out this Everest of messes. Luckily, R. tackled the laundry issues these past few days –of course that just means that all those clothes on the floor now need to fit on shelves and hangers.

Can I tell you some of the fun contents of this ridiculous mess?


-fly fishing pole

-3rd grade language arts workbook

-2 bridesmaid dresses

-cowboy hat

-viking hat (a la flava flave)

-monkey Easter basket

-light fixture

I don’t know where I am going to put most of those things. In fact, I am afraid to even start this project (why do you think I am writing this post?) But, it is going to have to get done SOMEtime before April 16th… it might as well be tonight. Wish me luck. I’ll be consulting my Sherpas along the way, and I may need to send for some oxygen or a pick ax. If I do not return, count me felled by an avalanche of boxes of old yearbooks and letters. Adieu!