Dear Mother Nature,

I apologize for being a bit overzealous in my complaints last week. Please realize, I was not angry at you, but the situation. Understand that mere mortals need warmth and sun and get a little out of their heads without it. So the rain and the cold made me a little out of my head. I apologize. I did not mean to offend. I realize that punishment always comes to those who are ungrateful, but snow this weekend? That seems a bit much. After all, a week ago you were predicting 60s and sunny–perfect for the planned outdoor wedding. But, slowly, you seemed to change your mind and dip colder and colder. Still, this last addition of precipitation, possibly in the form of snow, is just too cruel a punishment for one little ungracious mistake.
I don’t mind a little rain–I don’t even mind getting married inside, it’s really quite pretty–but SNOW? I am not prepared for that.

Yours Truly,