I am exhausted.  I’ll be honest and say I truly underestimated the difficulty of putting together a wedding.  On four hours sleep, I was up from 6am until 11pm, half that time in heels, and was expected to be smiley, cheerful, and sociable.  I did my best!

Today, I am back at work.  It’s a long story, but getting out of more than yesterday’s work wasn’t possible.  So, I am mostly zombie.  Luckily, I planned accordingly and prepped a pretty easy teacher day.  On top of my tiredness I just feel like I’m in a jumble, if I was expected to teach today, it would come out “Gobbldiegoo.”

We’re supposed to close on the house tomorrow, but the bank still hasn’t forwarded our financial info to the title company.  On top of that, I haven’t packed a thing and the whole apartment is in whirling disarray.  I claim to be recovering today, but there’s little time to recover.

Despite the cold temps and snowy/rainy weather, the wedding went beautifully.  We had to move into the indoor location, but it all worked out quite well.  I loved every minute of it, and I am immeasurably happy it is OVER.

I feel like weddings for most bride’s is a blur, and much of it is.  There will always be those random bits and pieces you remember though.  Super-enunciating the vow R. stumbled over, crying in the bathroom stall after the third person mentioned my Grandma, R.’s friends giving my mother a lap-dance, and, after loading up the car, walking back to the lodge hand in hand with R, and having the moon peak out of the clouds.

It was a wonderful day.  Now, onto the house!