Here is a general warning to the entire public. I mean this with every fiber of my being, and should I ever calm down enough, I will explain the whole sordid story. But please, please, believe me when I say:


After 3 million hours of trips to the bank, phone calls to the 18 million people unable to answer our questions, being jerked around and waiting for people to “call us back” we finally have the keys to our house–a day late. Please note, that none of the issues with our mortgage were related to our finances. NONE. This was all issues on Bank of America’s end that no one of the MILLION people we talked to would take credit for. R. is ready to have a heart attack. It has not been a fun, relaxing honeymoon period by any means. Bank of America is a disorganized mess of incompetent, irresponsible people. Please, please, do not bank with them. Someday, they will screw you over too.

In the mean time, posting may be light. We’ll be moving starting tomorrow–which means tonight will be non-stop cleaning and packing. Thank the Good Lord. Now I just hope my new husband makes it through the day without having a giant stroke or massive coronary. Woo.