It’s another cool, rainy day, but because the past week has been so lovely–this cool is not oppressive winter cool, it’s rainy spring day cool.  Things are green, I smell lilacs, this cool is okay.

I’m curled up on the couch, listening to the Cardinals game, while I mentally tell myself all the things I have to do.  My body replies “I refuse to cooperate.”  So, my brain keeps chugging and my body just keeps “getting tired-er and tired-er.” (name that movie!)

Yesterday I woke up at 6am, then drove the 4 hour trip to Burlington, Iowa with my Mom and 22 centerpieces, 2 alter pieces, 3 bouquets, and a handful of corsages for my cousin’s wedding.

The day was fun (I love weddings–especially weddings I am not actually in) but today I am paying the price of getting up at 6am, and not getting home until 1am the next morning.  Also paying the price for running after my cousin’s son.  I adore him, but he wears a person down.  He is a non-stop 5 year old… I am an 80 year old woman in a 26 year old’s body.

I also got to hold his younger sister (though not in this picture); my Mom told me not to get any ideas–she is not ready to be a Grandma yet.  However, it is hard not to hold a smiley, happy, can-fall-asleep-in-the-middle-of-a-loud-pounding-song baby girl and not feel a little baby tug!

Then, this morning, we moved another load of crap from the apartment to the house.  We have yet to unload it and there is still mounds and piles of unpacking to be done.  I also should be grading my student’s final papers and writing my thesis.  I don’t know where the energy for all of this is going to come from.

I need a vacation.