We have been in the house for over a week now.  It already feels like home.  I’ve moved so much in the past 8 years, that my adaptability is fairly quick.  Still, there are some fairly big changes from living in a dorm/apartment to live in a house.

1. When I hear a noise–it is not going to be the upstairs neighbor stomping, yelling, or moving their shit.

2. Not only is there an upstairs, but it is also mine.  (I go for days without going upstairs because our master bedroom is on the main floor.

3.  There is also a lower floor/basement.  It is mine as well.  (I think I’ve been down their twice).

4. Despite having all white walls (for now), I have curtains (not apartment blinds) that liven up a room.

5. Water and ice come out of my fridge door.

6. My cell phone gets service INSIDE!

7. I have to check 3 doors and a few windows before I can go to bed.

Some things that remain the same (for now)

1. Still no garage for my car–all of our crap is taking up my half.

2. Still no yard–they haven’t laid our sod yet.

3. Still have to walk to get our mail–the mail people won’t deliver mail to our mailboxes until the neighborhood is 75% full or something.