Perhaps Jason Isringhausen just doesn’t like the rain?

Because, honestly, I couldn’t blame him if that was the case.  If I have to look out at the sea of mud that is my “yard” for another weak I am going to SCREAM.

The joy of new construction home ownership is that so much is left up to the weather.  Due to the cold and snow of this winter, we were set back 3 weeks on our closing.  Now, due to Missouri’s lovely penchant for rain, a month into homeownership and I still don’t have sod.  We were told we would need a week of no rain for them to even begin to think about it.

It feels like I only have half a home–because going outside means sidewalk/driveway and nothing more.  Thank God we don’t have dogs or kids running around, because I would seriously go nuts

And holy shit, Jim Edmonds is a Cub.