Well, the big changes are here!  Well, not really here. They’re actually: here!

I went ahead and bought myself a domain name.  I did this for a couple reasons.  It’s nothing fancy or expensive (The money I make at Associated Content for just having articles covers the expense), but it allows me to grow, experiment, and work with something new.

You’ll notice all posts, comments, etc.. were transferred over.  The design is different (and will probably change a lot between now and future), but it’s the same old blog, just a bit of a makeover.

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Perhaps Jason Isringhausen just doesn’t like the rain?

Because, honestly, I couldn’t blame him if that was the case.  If I have to look out at the sea of mud that is my “yard” for another weak I am going to SCREAM.

The joy of new construction home ownership is that so much is left up to the weather.  Due to the cold and snow of this winter, we were set back 3 weeks on our closing.  Now, due to Missouri’s lovely penchant for rain, a month into homeownership and I still don’t have sod.  We were told we would need a week of no rain for them to even begin to think about it.

It feels like I only have half a home–because going outside means sidewalk/driveway and nothing more.  Thank God we don’t have dogs or kids running around, because I would seriously go nuts

And holy shit, Jim Edmonds is a Cub.

It’s another cool, rainy day, but because the past week has been so lovely–this cool is not oppressive winter cool, it’s rainy spring day cool.  Things are green, I smell lilacs, this cool is okay.

I’m curled up on the couch, listening to the Cardinals game, while I mentally tell myself all the things I have to do.  My body replies “I refuse to cooperate.”  So, my brain keeps chugging and my body just keeps “getting tired-er and tired-er.” (name that movie!)

Yesterday I woke up at 6am, then drove the 4 hour trip to Burlington, Iowa with my Mom and 22 centerpieces, 2 alter pieces, 3 bouquets, and a handful of corsages for my cousin’s wedding.

The day was fun (I love weddings–especially weddings I am not actually in) but today I am paying the price of getting up at 6am, and not getting home until 1am the next morning.  Also paying the price for running after my cousin’s son.  I adore him, but he wears a person down.  He is a non-stop 5 year old… I am an 80 year old woman in a 26 year old’s body.

I also got to hold his younger sister (though not in this picture); my Mom told me not to get any ideas–she is not ready to be a Grandma yet.  However, it is hard not to hold a smiley, happy, can-fall-asleep-in-the-middle-of-a-loud-pounding-song baby girl and not feel a little baby tug!

Then, this morning, we moved another load of crap from the apartment to the house.  We have yet to unload it and there is still mounds and piles of unpacking to be done.  I also should be grading my student’s final papers and writing my thesis.  I don’t know where the energy for all of this is going to come from.

I need a vacation.

I am now officially past the quarter-of-a-century mark.  Usually, I look forward to my birthday all month long because I love birthdays, even when they are disappointing, I can always make myself a cake!  This month, with so much going on, I’ve barely given a thought to my birthday.

I think I am more excited about the internet FINALLY being installed at home today than about the steak dinner at Outback and the present R. will buy me with our wedding Target giftcards (he sees nothing wrong with this… don’t you see something wrong with this?)

Best birthday gifts of my 26 years

-keroseen lamp

-quantum leap script bought off Ebay

-necklace from R. in our first year of dating

-giant bouquet of flowers made by my Mom and dropped off to work for me by my Mom

Last night, after “The Debacle of Epic Proportions” when we still didn’t know if we would get our house or not, we went to the park we got married at to take a short walk.  I felt better.  R. was still thinking up new versions of his hate letter to Bank of Crappy Loan Processors America.  I took another look this morning, after finding out we had finally closed, and took a long sigh of relief.

It’s cold and raining again.

(Uh, yah, posts are going to be short and sweet for a while.  My brain feels like zgyvjjmn.  I AM GETTING MARRIED IN 5 DAYS, ahem).

Pardon Me while I frolic through the SUN and WARM of this weekend.

(Is WordPress’s new format messing anyone else up?)

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