WordPress locked me out last night–my own fault as I waited until about 11:45 to try and post.  So, May NaBlo is lost.

Meanwhile, we had big winds last night and shingles fell off our roof and R. is flipping his shit.  I prefer to wait to flip my shit until we find out if the builder will do anything about it.  We have different approaches to worrying, and so we’re annoying each other with our own ways of worrying.

This is the first time I really had to stop myself and say… we’re married now and I need to change my approach.  Instead of getting mad at how he worries about little things that nothing can be done about at that moment in time, I have to take a different approach.  I don’t know what that approach is… but I can’t keep bull-headedly go my own way and take no prisoners.  I need to reassess… to COMPROMISE.

And then he told me I was stressing him out–and that is why men die earlier than women, because wives stress their husbands out.

Compromise my ass.  He’s going down.


I am exhausted.  I’ll be honest and say I truly underestimated the difficulty of putting together a wedding.  On four hours sleep, I was up from 6am until 11pm, half that time in heels, and was expected to be smiley, cheerful, and sociable.  I did my best!

Today, I am back at work.  It’s a long story, but getting out of more than yesterday’s work wasn’t possible.  So, I am mostly zombie.  Luckily, I planned accordingly and prepped a pretty easy teacher day.  On top of my tiredness I just feel like I’m in a jumble, if I was expected to teach today, it would come out “Gobbldiegoo.”

We’re supposed to close on the house tomorrow, but the bank still hasn’t forwarded our financial info to the title company.  On top of that, I haven’t packed a thing and the whole apartment is in whirling disarray.  I claim to be recovering today, but there’s little time to recover.

Despite the cold temps and snowy/rainy weather, the wedding went beautifully.  We had to move into the indoor location, but it all worked out quite well.  I loved every minute of it, and I am immeasurably happy it is OVER.

I feel like weddings for most bride’s is a blur, and much of it is.  There will always be those random bits and pieces you remember though.  Super-enunciating the vow R. stumbled over, crying in the bathroom stall after the third person mentioned my Grandma, R.’s friends giving my mother a lap-dance, and, after loading up the car, walking back to the lodge hand in hand with R, and having the moon peak out of the clouds.

It was a wonderful day.  Now, onto the house!

It’s finally over.  Now, I am a Mrs.

Dear Mother Nature,

I apologize for being a bit overzealous in my complaints last week. Please realize, I was not angry at you, but the situation. Understand that mere mortals need warmth and sun and get a little out of their heads without it. So the rain and the cold made me a little out of my head. I apologize. I did not mean to offend. I realize that punishment always comes to those who are ungrateful, but snow this weekend? That seems a bit much. After all, a week ago you were predicting 60s and sunny–perfect for the planned outdoor wedding. But, slowly, you seemed to change your mind and dip colder and colder. Still, this last addition of precipitation, possibly in the form of snow, is just too cruel a punishment for one little ungracious mistake.
I don’t mind a little rain–I don’t even mind getting married inside, it’s really quite pretty–but SNOW? I am not prepared for that.

Yours Truly,


April has always been a special month for me.  Growing up around people who gardened and loved flowers, I have always felt that anticipation for the cool, wet month of April when things start to grow.  My perfect day would be April, in the woods, wet ground slipping beneath my feet exploring the early wildflowers–Spring Beauties, Dutchman’s Britches, Violets.

April also, at times, meant spring break or Easter. It’s always meant my birthday, which was always made even more special by the fact that my Grandmother’s birthday was the day before mine.  This usually meant a trip to Iowa and a walk with Grandma through the slippery woods in search of those wildflowers to pick and put in small jars that would soon litter Grandma’s fireplace mantle and window sills.

The past few April’s lost their glitter with the illness and eventual passing of my Grandma, but I feel like it’s back this April.  It seems only appropriate that two of the biggest events in my life are going to take place this April–the month that has always had a special place in my heart.

I’m getting married in less than two weeks, surrounded by woods.  I don’t know what the weather will be like, but the way it’s going the ground will be slick.  I just hope the sun comes out long enough to encourage some of those early rising wildflowers.

Three days after that, we’ll close on the house and begin the moving in process.  A moving in that will (God-willing) stick more than the 13 month record I currently hold for staying in one place since I turned 18.

I’m ready for those roots to stretch and grow.  I’m ready for the beginning of a new road and a blossoming of family.  And, even though that means adulthood and all it’s messiness, this April is giving me the boldness to think I can do it.

One of my bridesmaids brought her Wii with her while she was visiting for some of the pre-wedding hoopla.  I had never Wii’d before, so it was a new experience.  And now, after two days of playing Wii, I think my right arm is about to fall off.  In fact, it’s not even just my arm–it’s also my back that is sore.  Apparently, I play a little more intensely than necessary.


Maid of Honor:

Exhibits A & B of my spazziness:

R: Can I tell you something very important?

Me: Yes.

R: My uniforms in the closet are clean and pressed.

Me: Okay?

R: Please do not put them on and wear them while you are drunk. And please, PLEASE, do not post the pictures on Facebook.

Me: …That never happened

R: Promise, or I will take the vodka.

Me: Okay, I promise.

Bachelorette Party Tonight! Vodka + Gilmore Girls = Way Better Than A Stripper.

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