WordPress locked me out last night–my own fault as I waited until about 11:45 to try and post.  So, May NaBlo is lost.

Meanwhile, we had big winds last night and shingles fell off our roof and R. is flipping his shit.  I prefer to wait to flip my shit until we find out if the builder will do anything about it.  We have different approaches to worrying, and so we’re annoying each other with our own ways of worrying.

This is the first time I really had to stop myself and say… we’re married now and I need to change my approach.  Instead of getting mad at how he worries about little things that nothing can be done about at that moment in time, I have to take a different approach.  I don’t know what that approach is… but I can’t keep bull-headedly go my own way and take no prisoners.  I need to reassess… to COMPROMISE.

And then he told me I was stressing him out–and that is why men die earlier than women, because wives stress their husbands out.

Compromise my ass.  He’s going down.