My name is Nicole and this is my blog. I wish I could tell you what I blogged about, but really there is no rhyme or reason. It is simply my dialog with the world. I am a writer at heart; I can’t help it.

My day job is that of English teacher, which is the main reason you will not see very many pictures of me on my site. I don’t want my students finding me, but more importantly I don’t want their parents finding me–not because I write terrible things, but because the life of a teacher needs to remain somewhat private, I believe.

I am married to a cop. He is paranoid, which is why you won’t see very many pictures of him on here. We were married in April of ’08, and in a stressful turn of events closed on our first home 4 days later. Advice: Do not get married on a Sunday and close on your house the next Wednesday–it will not go well.

Once upon a time, I published my finished romance novels over at I occasionally write articles for Associated Content as well. I used to think I would be a professional writer, some days I still think that might happen. Most days, I am so bogged down with the lack of grammar knowledge in the 18 year olds of the world that I cannot look at another written word.

My life is basically in a rapid state of change. I’m growing into this adult life, but every time I seem to find that rhythm, a new wrench gets thrown in. Perhaps that’s just a good definition of your twenties.


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